18 05 2011

post from  http://3dgamelab.org.mmoguildsites.com/

Check out our cool FLYER!

Turn your classroom into a living game! Join us as we kick-off our closed beta in August with three week FULLY ONLINE summer camp for teachers, faculty and instructional designers, Aug 1-22. We’ll provide you the tools and training to experience and design quest-based learning for your classroom. The summer camp will feature eight unique quest chains (join as many as you want), expertly facilitated by industry leaders. After 10 hours of gameplay, you earn the rights to design quests in the system. Play as much or as little as you like. During the camp, over 30 optional synchronous events will be held to support your learning and completion of quests. You’ll meet in Skype, Ventrilo, World of Warcraft, Second Life, video conferencing and more!

3D GameLab is a fully online, social network, game-based learning platform. It provides an overlay for you and your students to turn an infinite variety of learning activities into a quest-based format, where “players” game their way through the curriculum, students have choice in their learning activities, and learning is tied to the Common Core Curriculum Standards (or other standards of your choice). Players earn experience points, achievements, and levels. Quests have star rating and player comments, so teachers and designers get instant feedback to improve their curriculum. Teachers can also view progress reports on each student.

Guild Officers & Optional Quest-Chains

• Chris Haskell, Boise State University, Educational Quest Design (Guild Leader)
• Dr. Lisa Dawley, Boise State University, Virtual World Builders (Guild Leader)
• Chris Haskell, Context and Culture of Gaming
• Lisa Dawley, Social Network Learning
• Peggy Sheehy & Lucas Gillispie, WoW in Schools
• Mark Suter, Technology Integration
• Scott Learned, Math & Science Integration
• Drs. Jonathon Richter & Andy Hung, Reflective Inquiry & Assessment
• Allan Heaps & Eric Orten, Mobile Learning
• Doug Vass, Blended Learning




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