Summer Projects: app challenge, AR art, etc.

6 06 2011

Summer App Challenge:
-Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry is looking for teen designers who can blend digital savvy with physical activity.
-closes June 24
-details: In connection with the Museum’s YOU! The Experience exhibit, an app challenge is underway to inspire young people to design an app that will motivate teens to get up and move, using a mobile phone. The contest is open to teens entering grade eight through 12 in the 2011-2012 school year…Technology and/or sports experience are not required. Entrants are asked to submit a an overview of the concept and storyboards explaining how it would work by the deadline of June 24. View all the details at

Get inspired by:

The Van Gogh in Brabant Foundation:
-The mobile app serves as a travel guide to five villages and towns in the Dutch province of North Brabant where van Gogh lived and worked as a young man.

The Department of History at Cleveland State University
-The Clevenland Historical app (for iPhone and Android phones) curates the city as a living museum.

The Smithsonian/Columbia University/University of Maryland collaboration:
-Summer 2011 launch of Leafsnap (iPhone, iPad and Android), an app that identifies a plant based on a leaf’s silhouette.

(Un)Seen Sculptures:
-a mobile 3-D augmented reality art show staged in various locations, made digital works by Australian and international artists visible to anyone (iPhone, Android or Nokia). Download the Layar Reality Browser app.  When touches, these art forms reveal further information and unlock other forms of interaction.
-Limited to Sydney and Melbourne
Do It Yourself: Great family summer project, Awesome fall project for your students, etc.





One response

6 06 2011

Aurasma has also been getting some high notes lately (Apple-specific for now)


– Images come to life, like newspapers and portraits in Harry Potter!

– Interact with videos, images, animations, recordings, and animations.

– Create your own channels and make your own virtual world of your street for your friends.

– Get valuable deals, offers, or exclusive content from movie studios, retail stores, and other major brands.

– [You can also] find channels and auras near you automatically, or browse the latest and hottest channels.”

How does this relate to teaching and learning? For starters, your worksheets can easily be enhanced with this AR app. It may not provide the most flashy AR, but it’s simple to integrate and leverages the power of mobile devices. Furthermore, there’s little advanced setup required. If the teacher can operate a mobile device, they can use this app in their classroom.

For example, if you have a boring word wall, this app will allow you to post video, audio, images, and animations on each word that allows a deeper learning experience. If you want to add supplemental videos or audio to your worksheets, this app will allow you to do just that – without ever having to touch a computer! The community of innovative educators will figure out how to use this within each respective content area, but those are two of the more obvious ways I can think of off the top of my head.

For the visually-inclined, check out my video below to build your imagination with ideas on how you can use this in classrooms:”

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