NASA challenges students in grade 5 to 12

5 10 2011

This is not a blog on VW, AR or other emerging technologies, but I am biased in favor to NASA and its efforts to make astronomy exciting to students. Please forward this post to relevant audiences and interested colleagues.

Now Accepting Entries! Cassini Scientist for a Day Essay Contest

Students in grades 5-12 are invited to submit their entries for the fall 2011 Cassini Scientist for a Day Essay Contest. Entries are due at on Oct. 26 at noon PDT.

The Cassini Scientist for a Day contest challenges students to become NASA scientists studying Saturn. Participants examine three possible observations taken by the Cassini spacecraft and choose the one they think will yield the best scientific results. This choice must be supported in a 500-word essay. Winners and their classmates will participate in a teleconference with scientists from NASA’s Cassini mission.

The contest is open to students in grades 5-12, working alone or in groups of up to four students. The essays will be divided into three groups: grades 5-6, 7-8 and 9-12. All submissions must be the students’ original work. Each student may submit only one entry, and all entrants will receive a certificate of participation. Winning essays will be posted on the Cassini website, and winners and their classes are invited to participate in a teleconference, videoconference, or webcast question-and-answer session with Cassini scientists. For complete rules, videos, and more information, visit:

Two dozen other countries are running parallel essay contests. Check here to see if your country is participating:

Questions about the contest can be sent to

Get the flier:

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