NatGeo live AR experience

7 12 2011

What a busy month with so many exciting news. First, great stuff coming our Augmented Reality way. On November 7, 2011, National Geographic used AppShaker to create some live AR experience at the mall for anyone  to interact. The great implementation here is that no one in the audience needs their phone and an app to see what is happening. A big screen is set up and showing in real time what the AR experience is. Now you can share the experience as a group -or a class- without limitation of a small mobile screen. Watch:

Whether the idea came from promotional application (such as this Victoria Secret Angel falling from the sky -March 14, 2011)

or not, the NatGeo application conveys more interactivity than the fallen angel. We had school in the park programs, what about museum at the mall?

Enjoy, and let me know if you found something similar.





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