Merging Kinect and inworld objects/avatar

6 01 2012

Repost of “Disembodiment: Interview with Glyph Graves about his Kinect Performance”, Dec 8, 2011 on

Kinect-controlled face in SL

“Artist Glyph Graves has pushed the boundaries between virtual and physical realities once again. He programmed and scripted his own hack for the Kinect to map and move his real life physical body and movements onto virtual objects in Second Life. Glyph’s earlier piece, “Faceted Existence,” (see: used 2500 spherical primes to indicate his face, which loomed large above avatars in the virtual landscape, and was revolutionary as the first use of Kinect to make art that others could see, as opposed to only controlling an avatar with the alternative controller.

“Disembodiment,” the new performance piece that Glyph debuted at the Linden Endowment for the Arts exhibition, InterACT! on Sunday, December 4, 2011, extends his previous experimentation to represent not only his face, but now a body represented by spheres. Here he discusses how and why:

Lori Landay (L1Aura Loire): Can you tell us how you use the kinect controller to manipulate objects in Second Life?

Glyph Graves: For those that don’t know what a kinect is, it’s a sensor device that can capture depth and shape data using a combination of infrared and visible light. I take the data and stream it into Second Life, then reconstruct the shapes by positioning prims.

For all of us technical geeks, how about some more detailed specs? The rest of you can take a catnap and come back for the answer to the next question!

I first made this in August right after the face piece but never got round to showing it except to a few people….” […Go to to read the rest of the interview]

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