NMC Connections

9 01 2012

Well, now you have it. NMC Connections has its really cool TV-like channel on latest news in EdTec. I have to admit that I’ve been tabling a similar programming for ARVEL SIG as a pilot and ultimately for my local TV channel, so I am both excited and a bit bummed out to see it in action first by someone else. BUT you have got to watch it. It’s newsy both in format and in content. Definitely NMC focused, so don’t go there to get other org info, but NMC is an outstanding organization with TONS of great resources for educators.You would miss out by not going on their website and check out their News section: The Horizon Report 2012 is coming out soon.

Check it out:

This NMC episode is not only cool, it features 3D GameLab! How exciting! 3D GameLab is an awesome new LMS developed by Boise State University. I have a series of post related to 3D GameLab from when I attended the Beta seminar in August 2011. Read a description here: https://sabinereljic.wordpress.com/2011/05/18/3dgamelab/, and click on my game pedagogy category to pull up other related posts.

Here is a badge for watching the video. Just type “cool video” in the comment section to get the badge. By the way, there is a special award for watching several videos on my blog.




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