KZero Universe Q4 2011

11 01 2012

On Jan 6, 2012, KZero published its Q4 report. Enjoy.

Tell me what you think about this new report. It certainly puts some naysayers back to their closets. “The death of Second Life”? Really with 30 million accounts and growing? The virtual worlds are dying? uh….with numbers like these (VW by age categories: I highly doubt that. I am not specifically defending SL. I am defending the position that virtual worlds are here to stay and evolve. They won’t probably evolve into what we have now and SL might not be there in 20 years, but what is certain is that the immersive technology is growing and evolving. With 652million accounts in VW for ages 10 to 15, I’d say that the future looks more and more into VW-platform and technology-like for communication (entertainment, education, business).

What do you think? Comment here and the Star badge is yours.




One response

11 01 2012
Roland Sassen

Sabine, very impressive, thanks for the link!

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