Game-Based Educational softwares -math (2)

30 01 2012 is aimed at ages 7 to 12. The free demo I tried took a while to download and I did not appreciate seeing a Microsoft pushing the Bing bar on me. However, once the software was ready to run (and I decline the Bing upgrade…which means you need to stick around while the demo downloads, reboots, and runs), it was fun. The story was interesting (although having to click on the characters to move the dialogue along was a bit awkward….but I can see how useful for the pupils with reading difficulties (although the characters also use audio), the game activities fun (push, run, collect, …), but i still felt that the math activities were not really integrated in the story. They just popped in between stations. They were creatively designed (laser shoot and ball throwing at the numbers) but they were nonetheless separate activities to the story. Completing a math problem does help you collect monkeys, so ….i guess you can have fun with your personal zoo during the game.

I mentioned Dimension M in passing in my previous post. Dimension M was previously known as Tabula Digita. Now Dimension U, it has collected numerous awards, educational partners and clients (over 70 districts in the US). It is standard-based, research-driven, and fully integrates the math activities within the story. Lucas Gillespie blogged about his experience with the software on Edurealms. You can also listen to Nt Eruk and parents talk about it. The video is clearly a marketing tool, but it gives you some ideas of the game platform:

Finally, here is a repository of about 60 educational games created by teachers within the ProActive EU project (I found only 2 that were math related, but have not explore them yet. If you do, please post here what you thought of the gaming and learning experience offered by that software).

The joystick badge is yours if you post a game-based software review here.




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