Homemade Portal Video

15 06 2012

POrtal: Terminal Velocity from Jason Craft on Vimeo.

The story was posted yesterday on TechCrunch. The homevideo is really well done. We can dream, can’t we?


Simulations: Ten Cool Things People are Doing

9 03 2012

Last week on http://www.presterafx.com/wordpress, Gus Prestera blogged about simulations and posted a very useful list that summarizes well argument points we want to bring to your next PTA or whoever you are trying to get onboard. Here is the list:

#1: Sims get legit
#2: Sims go to class
#3: Sims creep into page turners
#4: Sims get visibility
#5: Sims go cloning
#6: Sims invade virtual worlds
#7: Sims go back to basics
Read the details of #1 to 7 at Part 1
#8: Sims go 3D
#9: Sims get game!
#10: Sims go mobile
Read the details of #8 to 10 at Part 2

Picture credit: Jonathon Richter at the Tulane Center for Advanced Medical Simulation, New Orleans, 2011

Ravensburger AR puzzles

17 02 2012

Two days ago, Popsci reported on a new line of puzzles by Ravensburger: once the puzzle is completely assembled, you can interact with it via a free iOS app downloaded on your iPad or iPhone. Each puzzle unlocks different affordances in the app. So for example, “Paris provides viewers with a 360-degree panorama of the city in both day and night with clickable points-of-interest [while] an under-the-sea image pulls up a find-the-fish game, and a wildlife image cues up video footage” (source: http://www.popsci.com/gadgets/gallery/2012-02/most-incredible-toys-we-saw-toy-fair?image=8)

Image by Popsci at the 2012 American International Toy Fair on Feb 12 to 15, 2012

Still in the toys categories, robot cubes have magnets that hold the blocks together, allowing copper connectors to transmit data between the cubes. Cubelets offer different kits to different robots.

Have you seen a cool new toy that integrates an emerging technology into its interactivity? If so, list it here in comments and earn the joystick badge! Cheers.

Sony PS3 Video Store -Realtime Projection Mapping

7 02 2012

Posted a month ago. I can’t believe I did not see this sooner. Imagine this technique for school projects. I mean, come on! Shot in one take, all in real-time, no post-production.

Find the R&D story behind it here:

Enjoy. Tweet. Spread the word!

30 01 2012

2 weeks without news….ouch. Well, this has been such an incredibly busy month. I have been helping setting up some activities on EDTEC Island, host of the SITE Virtual presentations (http://sitecitylimits.wordpress.com, http://site.aace.org/conf). Here is Dr. Lisa Dawley welcoming you to drop by anytime:

ARVEL is co-hosting SITE Virtual and is providing the Livestream solution for all virtual events during SITE: http://arvelsig.ning.com/page/livestream. At 10 AM PT on 03/07, ARVEL will present CLIVE by Dr. Jonathon Richter, an ARVEL Inworld Discussion/SITE special virtual events series (Bookmark this page for other events: http://arvelsig.ning.com/events)

ARVEL is also hosting VWBPE 2012. Expect to see LOTS of really cool exhibitions and traffic on the CAVE Island common grounds. Similarly to SITE Virtual, VWBPE 2012 will be using the dual-sim presentation space (EDTEC and CAVE Islands) to welcome up to 100 simultaneous avatars.

So bookmark your calendars for March: 03/04 to 03/09 SITE; 03/15 to 03/17 VWBPE; and all ARVEL Inworld Discussions are listed in the ARVEL Event Calendar (We’ve had a discussion EVERY week since we came back from the winter break!)

I’ve also been quite busy with the ARVEL SuperNews Winter 2012. The theme of this issue is Engagement and Renewal. We still have a lot of room for picture submissions for the Club Photo page, questions for Dr. Chris Dede for his ‘Dear Abby’-like open letter, blog and twitter suggestions, etc. We already have some great reviews of softwares and apps for augmented reality and video games. I know that a few ARVEL colleagues will be sending more suggestions based on their own trials, errors and usage. What a great community of practice we are building.

Last by not least, Jonathon Richter, Patrick O’Shea and I are busy setting up a really (and I mean, REALLY) cool member experience that we will open for the 2012 AERA Annual Meeting. Called The Scholar Journey, this quest-based experience will include AR, 3D GameLab, and onsite events. BYOMD!!!! (Bring Your Own Mobile Device!!!!!)

Please twitter this post (#educedge). This will help get the word out regarding all the cool events coming up in SL and in real life. Cheers!

NatGeo live AR experience

7 12 2011

What a busy month with so many exciting news. First, great stuff coming our Augmented Reality way. On November 7, 2011, National Geographic used AppShaker to create some live AR experience at the mall for anyone  to interact. The great implementation here is that no one in the audience needs their phone and an app to see what is happening. A big screen is set up and showing in real time what the AR experience is. Now you can share the experience as a group -or a class- without limitation of a small mobile screen. Watch:

Whether the idea came from promotional application (such as this Victoria Secret Angel falling from the sky -March 14, 2011)

or not, the NatGeo application conveys more interactivity than the fallen angel. We had school in the park programs, what about museum at the mall?

Enjoy, and let me know if you found something similar.


Marco Tempest: The Augmented Reality Techno-Magic

4 11 2011

A wonderfully elegant speaker, a wonderfully imaginative storyteller, a wonderfully creative magician. But magic is wonder, is it not? Watch the video for your less than 6 minute break today.


(my embedded video app does not seem to work today. i’ll refresh this post later to make sure so you don’t have to open another window to view this video.)

“…art as an R&D for humanity.” M. Tempest (July 2011)

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” (Arthur C. Clarke)

This badge is yours for watching the video. Let me know what you think. Thanks!