Students Curate Virtual Museums

18 06 2011

by Mat Haber for Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning (6.15.11) 

Students Curate Their Own Virtual Museum Space at the New York Hall of Science

“Funded by the National Science Foundation, the virtual hall, built with Active Worlds software, has been in development for nearly two years. Construction is ongoing given that one of the blessings (or curses) of a digital-only world is that it can be altered indefinitely without costly land acquisitions and complicated building permits.

As the students-turned-museum builders, each of whom came from New York-area middle and high schools, collaborated on the space and filled it with interactive installations, they bolstered their communication and team-working abilities along with their illustration and programming skills. In time, the Virtual Hall of Science will serve as an interactive environment where students can go on virtual field trips as easily as logging into their computers—no bag lunch or permission slips required.”

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Minecraft in school

2 06 2011

ok, this is really REALLY exciting. Liam O’Donnell is using Minecraft for the past 3 weeks with a small group of students for literacy support. Kids are loving it, and they are improving!

Read more here:

More educators are joining the Minecraft-educraze (in a very very good way):

Check out the work reported by Lucas Gillispie: “We are officially launching a Beta(?) run of the project starting April 8th, 2011.  We’re going to be working 10 elementary (5th grade) students at two different sites who’ll be playing and learning cooperatively on the same internally hosted server.”

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and mine (ahah) the resources that Lucas shares freely, such as examples of lesson plans (

You also have to catch up with Joel Levine’s work with 2nd graders at a private school in NYC: Results go beyond his expectations.

Also, look Morrowcraft, a 8th grader-project from the Elizabeth Morrow School in Englewood, NJ:

Last but certainly not least here, jokaydia Minecraft. Yes! the Jokay that we follow from SL to Hypergrid. As usual, expect great quality and exciting ideas from her reports.

Did I say that this was really really exciting news? This is really really cool. (And by the way, Notch is going to E3 on June 7 and won’t be updating Minecraft until after. So go ahead and pre-order it before the final product = a higher $ tag.)…no, i don’t get a piece of the pie. Just really excited about this. Yep, i’m playing and i’ve got the Minebug too. and quoting Knowclue on “I have to admit, I’m having a blast and had to eat crow about being scared of 8bit zombies! “


18 05 2011

Check out this really interesting blog on HABBO world:

Of course, roleplay being a large part in teen vw experience, the Westminster Abbey reproduction attracted lots of visitors who could leave well wishes to the new royal couple. More interesting is the report on serious discussion among teens after the Japanese tsunami disaster ( the April 21 post)