Angry Birds

17 02 2012

yeah yeah I know, what’s up with the Angry Birds here? well, not only they are now on Facebook since Tuesday (with an EXCLUSIVE Facebook  Surf and Turf set!)…and come on, you can hardly ignore an app that is approaching the billion download, now can you?…

Image: my own screen

….[drum roll please]….in March 2012, Rovio is releasing Angry Bird Space

The hook? You’ll be lobbing birds on entirely new planets while contending with zero gravity, leading to new gameplay elements like slow-motion puzzles and “lightspeed” destruction. And just like with other Angry Birds games, expect those outer-space physics to be dead on. Andrew Stalbow, GM of Rovio North America, told Yahoo! Games, “They’re so accurate and easy to grasp that some teachers use Angry Birds in their lessons about projectile motion.”  So excited with Rovio’s efforts to integrate accurate science into the game that NASA and National Geographic are launch partners on Angry Birds Space.


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