Interactive Surfaces

7 02 2012

We are hearing more and more about flexible epaper, flexible screens -especially for mobile devices, and other flexible AMOLED-based technology…

My personal favorite is the Nokia Morph concept

…but here is something very interesting as well: Another really cool innovative proposal from glass manufacturer Corning, “A Day Made of Glass 2”

I believe that’s why we should add all science fiction resources as required readings or viewing. Now that we’ve caught up with the Minority Report, when do you think we’ll see something similar to the Matrix-download? Prophets of Science Fiction, all of them.

Add another prophets of science fiction in comment. Cheers!


HumanSim: get the free preview on your iPad

18 05 2011

The free download is a short interactive demo for the iPad

This free preview, constructed with Epic Games’ Unreal® Engine 3, demonstrates the look and feel of the HumanSim immersive world in which medical professionals will soon train-to-proficiency on rare, complicated, or otherwise error-prone tasks. See how state-of-the-art healthcare training and education will soon be provided to physicians, nurses, EMT’s, combat medics, clinical students/residents, emergency services organizations, and healthcare education institutions.

also check out the Virtual Heroes page in Healthcare: It provides more details on the HumanSim training model